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Submit Your Book Online

We offer a simple way to submit digital files (pages and custom cover) formatted exactly as they appear on your computer. Our FREE PDF Creator software eliminates the hassles of gathering individual files, checking for linked files and fonts, and purchasing expensive software.

To get your book into production, we need a completed Book Order Form (PDF 91kb), hard copies of your pages and cover, initial 1/3 payment, and any other necessary forms or material. Please send this to us at the same time you submit your files online. We will not begin production until we receive everything. Use our checklist (PDF 73kb) to ensure your order is complete.

If you are submitting a children's hardcover book order, we need a completed Hardcover (Children's Books) Order Form (PDF 43kb).

Converting Black & White Page Files into a PDF to Submit Online

Submit Your Black & White Pages

To get started, download Submitting Press-Ready Pages (PDF 376kb) to ensure your material is accurate. To assist you, we provide pre-built page templates created for Word®, InDesign®, and Quark®. Do not put chapters, sections, etc., into multiple files. All pages of your book must be in one file.

Once your page file is ready, download and install our PDF Creator software.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (15 MB)

Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.5.8 (39 MB)

After installation, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. From the program you used to create your pages, print to our PDF Creator software like you would to any printer on your computer.

2. PDF Creator will then launch a preview of your file so you can thoroughly check for errors.

3. If the preview looks accurate, click "Accept" to send your file directly to our server.

Uploading Press-Ready Cover or Children's Book Files

Sumbit Your Press-ready Cover

To create your cover, download Submitting a Press-Ready Cover (PDF 448kb) for cover specifications.

Sumbit Your Children's Book

To create a children's hardcover book, download our Press-Ready Hardcover Guide (PDF 858kb) for page and cover specifications.

When your cover or children's hardcover book is ready, use our FREE Upload Tool, which provides a secure method for submitting your press-ready file directly to our art department.

We Help You Design A Cover