Generate excitement for your new comic book release or attract fans to your cosplay following with high-quality, yet super-affordable, posters. Make your characters or comic book pop with vivid colors and superb-quality printing on these frame-worthy posters. Your fans will appreciate a collector's item with your characters or cosplay, while the revenue stream from selling the posters can help you fund future projects.

Publish Your Comic Book

Step 1. Choose a Size

Step 1: Choose a Size

12" x 18" Poster

12"x18" Size Poster

Super-sized posters are great for making a splash with your characters or art.

11" x 17" Poster

11"x17" Size Poster

Ideal size for getting the word out on your comic book series or issue release.

11" x 14" Poster

11"x14" Size Poster

This collectible size is perfect for display in standard picture frames.

Features & Specifications

  • Sizes: 11" x 14", 11" x 17", 12" x 18"
  • Finishes: standard gloss and high-gloss UV
  • $1.25 per poster (minimum order of 10)

Step 2. Choose a Paper Finish

Step 2: Choose a Paper Finish

Standard Gloss

Standard Gloss Finish

Standard gloss finish is FREE and is printed on 80-lb. gloss text-weight paper (no UV coating available).

High-Gloss UV

High Gloss UV Finish

High-gloss UV coating gives your posters rich colors and a striking appearance. Posters are printed on heavier 80-lb. matte cover weight paper. Add 5¢ per poster for high-gloss UV coating.

Step 3: Prepare Your Files & Place Your Order

Step 3: Prepare Your Files & Place Your Order

To assist you in preparing your poster files for printing we have created downloadable templates in popular design software formats. Each template includes instructions on proper placement and sizing of artwork as well as how to prepare for uploading. After that, you'll be ready to complete your order! You may get and save a quote at any time.

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Downloadable Templates

Note: all posters are printed with a ⅜-inch white frame, making them suitable for framing.