Optional Features Pricing

These features can be added to enhance the quality of your book and increase its value. Add these charges to the base price.


  5½" x 8½" 8½" x 11"
Perfect Binding (Paperback Books) Perfect Binding
included in base price
Plastic Coil Binding (Paperback Books) Plastic Coil Binding 30¢/book 35¢/book
Plastic Comb Binding (Paperback Books) Plastic Comb Binding 30¢/book 35¢/book
Imprinted Plastic Comb (Paperback Books) 100–199 books 55¢/book 65¢/book
200–1000 books 35¢/book 45¢/book
1001+ books 30¢/book 40¢/book


  5½" x 8½" 8½" x 11"
Full-Color Stock Cover imprinted with black, white,
and one in-house ink
Custom Cover or
Cover Templates
printed in any one in-house ink FREE FREE
Multi- or Full-Color Custom Cover Printing
(includes 2+ Inks)
  15¢/book 25¢/book
Gold or Silver Foil Stamping
(200 minimum)
Not available with RUSH Service.
200 books $1.00/book $1.15/book
300 books 75¢/book 85¢/book
500 books 60¢/book 70¢/book
1000 books 40¢/book 50¢/book
2000 books 30¢/book 45¢/book
3000 books 25¢/book 35¢/book
4000 books 23¢/book 30¢/book
5000 books 21¢/book 26¢/book
UV Coating UV Coating FREE FREE
Plastic Lamination Plastic Lamination 25¢/book 30¢/book
Matte Lamination Matte Lamination 35¢/book 40¢/book
Printing on Inside Front or Back Covers printed in any one in-house ink or multi- or full-color 15¢/book/cover 15¢/book/cover
Cover Design Packages
(Design Packages DO NOT
include cover ink charges.)

Service also Available for
Full-Color Hardback Books
Package 1 FREE FREE
Package 2
(up to 5 hours of design)
$175 $175
Package 3
(up to 8 hours of design)
$275 $275
design work
$40/hour $40/hour


  5½" x 8½" 8½" x 11"
60# Paper white FREE FREE
cream 15¢/book 25¢/book
Black Ink   FREE FREE
Full-Color Page Printing
(no bleeds)
If you are printing many pages in
full-color, we may be able to offer
better pricing. Contact us for pricing.
15¢/page/book 25¢/page/book
NEW! Full-Color Paperback Books
(no bleeds)
Full-color printing of ALL inside pages Contact us for pricing.
Typesetting and Positioning
Page Numbers
  $50/order $50/order
(limited to specific pages)
title page, copyright page,
mail-order page; all other
pages must be press-ready
$5.00/page $7.50/page
Printing of Photos
(in black ink)
photos are included in a PDF $3.50/photo
Photos or Artwork with
Shading to be Scanned
make halftone $9/photo
Digital Photos to be
Positioned on Page
(line art without shading)
to reduce, enlarge, or position on page;
no charge if press-ready and on page


  5½" x 8½" 8½" x 11"
Bar Code Set-Up Fee   $20 fee
Bar Codes Printed On Labels 100 $38/order
200 $45/order
300 $55/order
500 $85/order
1000 $95/order
2000 $115/order
3000 $140/order
4000 $165/order
5000 $185/order
Miscellaneous Design Work
or File Creation
for promotional material or
other design work
($20 minimum)


  5½" x 8½" 8½" x 11"
Page Proof first proof is FREE Additional Proofs
Cover Proof first proof is FREE Additional Proofs
Black & White Proof mail, fax, or e-mail of
cover or single page
Flat Fee for Changes
to Hard Copy Pages
press-ready correction
does not apply to PDF files
$25 plus $2/page
PDF File Corrections   $1/page
Resubmitting Entire Book,
Hard Copy
Resubmitting Entire Book,
PDF File