Step 6: Review Your Proofs

We always send a FREE proof of your pages and cover so you can review and approve your book. Production will continue when we receive ALL proofs (even those you do not approve), sign-off letters, and the second payment. Additional text or cover proofs will extend your production time.

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Pages Proof

The proof represents how the production file will print and is to ensure that all pages are in the correct order and to your specifications. Do not assume anything. If something isn’t quite right, make a note of it or contact us. If any pages require changes, you must resubmit them; we do not make corrections to your pages.

If your proof has more than 20 pages of corrections, a new proof is required for production, which incurs an extra charge. If your proof has more than 40 pages of corrections, you must resubmit your entire book for which there will be extra charges. You will receive another proof for approval before we begin production. Your proof is NOT the time to proofread pages. Carefully proofread all pages BEFORE sending your order to avoid correction fees, additional proof charges, and delayed production.

Cover Proof

A color cover proof will be sent for your approval. Minor edits in type or color may be made to the first proof. Design, illustration, or color changes are subject to extra design time which is charged at $40/hour. Changes may also require an additional proof, which incurs an extra proof charge.

If you provide us a press-ready cover, you must send a printout of your final cover that matches your digital file. This printout will be used to verify content only, not color. Home office color printers and monitors are not reliable for color accuracy since they are not calibrated to our printing equipment. The only reliable way to produce accurate color is to use the Pantone® Matching System Guide, which is the standard in the printing industry.