Step 5: Send Your Order

Once you have prepared your press-ready pages and cover material download our checklist (PDF) to make sure your order is complete. Then use the information below for everything we will need to begin production of your book.

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To get your book into production, we need:

  • a completed Book Order Form (PDF). If you are ordering full-color hardcover books, use our Hardcover Order Form (PDF).
  • any other necessary forms, such as the Promotional Tools Order Form (PDF).
  • cover material (if you require design assistance) or a digital press-ready cover submitted via our File Uploader or copied onto a CD or flash drive. If you submit a press-ready cover, we also require a matching hard copy to verify content.
  • pages converted to a PDF and submitted via our File Uploader or copied onto a CD or flash drive. A hard copy of pages may also be submitted (to be scanned). We prefer an uploaded digital file.
  • initial 1/3 payment of Total Estimated Cost.

If you submit your pages and cover via our File Uploader, please do so at the same time you send all other material.

We will begin processing your order when we receive all necessary material. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with an order number 1–2 business days after we receive your order. Refer to your order number if you call with questions.

We reserve the right to refuse any material upon receipt if it does not meet our specifications or we deem the material unsuitable. Orders outside the USA are not accepted, except for APO, FPO, and USA territories.


We will save your files for 5 years should you want to reorder. We must have a signed Reorder Form (PDF) to begin processing the order. Contact us for reorder pricing.

If the cover requires changes, a new cover proof will be sent to you. Note: If your back cover includes a 10-digit ISBN and bar code, you will need to convert it to the 13-digit ISBN and bar code.

If pages require corrections, send us press-ready corrected pages (either a PDF file or hard copy). A new text proof will be sent if there are more than 20 corrections; however, you can request a proof if you have fewer. Text corrections are no charge. Additional corrections after receiving a proof will incur an extra charge. If you have more than 40 pages of corrections, we require new pages for the entire book.

Profits from your original order can finance your reorder; therefore, 1/2 of the payment is due with your order, and the balance is due before shipping.

Please Note: Archived files are production files only and are not provided to the customer. We do not archive any original editable documents that may be sent to us. Therefore, we strongly recommend you back-up all your book files.