The R Complex

"About eleven years ago I found Morris Publishing®, and they printed a book for me. Since then I have used only them, assisting over 200 writers in self-publishing their works. Morris' print quality is exceptional, their covers are outstanding and do not curl, their prices are the best I’ve found, and all the folks that work there are extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. When Morris Publishing® prints your book, you will be very proud of it. I guarantee it."

Tom Davis, Publisher
Old Mountain Press
Fayetteville, NC

Recess Success

"Morris Publishing® is our trusted partner in the book manufacturing process. The reasons are many – exemplary customer service, outstanding production quality, great prices, superb scheduling – but it’s the friendly, helpful, and professional people there that make the real difference. They truly take the extra step to make sure your book is produced beautifully. In fact, we consider their excellence in the book production craft as a major reason for our publishing success. I highly recommend Morris Publishing® to other publishers!"

Guy Bailey, Owner
Educators Press
Vancouver, WA

31 Days of Christian Stewardship

"I have much to celebrate indeed! When I initially began working with the staff of Morris Publishing®, I got a strong sense of dedication, integrity, and enthusiasm. As I examine my two recent books published by Morris Publishing®, I can actually feel the depth of the company’s commitment to quality and reliability in my hands.

…Morris Publishing® has always proved to be 100% in my corner. Each member of the company has been exceptionally effective and professional and the service has been outstanding."

Reverend Dr. J. G. McCann, Sr., D. Min.
Pastor - St. Luke Baptist Church
New York, NY

18 Site

"I have had about twelve book printings and reorders at Morris Publishing® over the years, and I am a very satisfied customer.

During that time there have been a number of changes and suggestions about my books, especially on the front covers. And in all instances I have been quite pleased with the cooperation and recommendations given me by members of Morris Publishing®…

Based on my extensive first-hand experience I would recommend Morris Publishing® without hesitation to anyone, especially to new self-publishers who may have a lot to learn about the book business and need answers, suggestions, and guidance."

Richard E. Waldron, Author and publisher
Squantum Publishing Company
Quincy, MA