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Q: What services does Morris Publishing® provide?

We offer paperback books in 4 binding styles, full-color hardcover books in landscape or portrait format, and options to meet your needs. We can print small orders of 25 books or large runs of up to 5,000 books. Design assistance is available for covers, but pages must be furnished press-ready.

Q: Why must my book be press-ready?

Most authors prepare pages with a personal computer, using a variety of software that allows complete design control. We offer templates to ensure accurate page sizes and margins. After converting your pages to PDF, submit them online using our File Uploader. By submitting your book press-ready, you can be certain that your pages will look exactly the way you want. For this reason, we do not proof, edit, typeset, or format pages, but we do pass on substantial savings to our customers.

Q: What is the cost to print my book?

The price per book is based on book binding, size, quantity, number of pages, and book options. Prices are provided up-front, so you can easily determine your cost. Contact us if you need a quote.

Q: What is the difference between a printer and a publisher?

Traditionally, a publisher undertakes the production of a book from the manuscript stage all the way through marketing. A publisher generally pays printing expenses, helps edit and design the book, and markets or distributes the book, recouping the investment by taking a sizeable portion of profits. A printer (like Morris Publishing®) simply prints the book. You are the publisher since you prepare the book, pay for the printing, market and distribute the book, and keep ALL profits.

Q: How long will it take to receive my book proof?

We will email your FREE digital proof within 5 business days of receiving your payment, book files, and any other material needed to produce your book. Printed proofs will be sent via UPS within 2 weeks of receiving your complete order.

Q: After I return my approved proof, how long will it take for my books to ship?

Normal production time is 15 business days from the day after we receive your signed and approved cover and text proofs. For an additional charge, you may use our RUSH service, which is 10 business days from the day after proof approval. Allow an additional 3-5 business days for shipping.

Q: What book sizes and binding styles do you offer?

We offer 5 ½" x 8 ½" and 8 ½" x 11" sized paperback books in perfect binding, plastic coil, plastic comb, and saddle-stitched binding. We also offer full-color hardcover books in portrait (8½" x 11") or landscape (11" x 8½") size. Dust jackets are not available. See our comic books offering for more sizes and binding styles.

Q: What is a stock cover?

A stock cover is a full-color, in-house cover design which can be imprinted with your own wording. The back cover can be printed with book excerpts, line art, ISBN, bar code, and a photo. Covers cannot be altered in any other way. A stock cover is FREE and is available for 5 ½" x 8 ½" and 8 ½" x 11" sized paperback books only.

Q: Why is there a charge to print photos on pages?

There is no charge for photo printing, however, pages printed in full-color are an extra charge (does not apply to full-color hardcover books). If we need to scan and place any photos, there is a scanning charge.

Q: How many photos can I include on pages?

There is no limit to how many photos you can include in your book. Photos can be printed in black ink or in full-color, charged as full-color page printing. These charges do not apply to full-color hardcover books.

Q: Will I receive a proof of my book?

Morris Publishing® will email a FREE digital proof of your pages and cover so you can examine and approve your book before printing. A printed proof is available for an extra charge. Since pages must be furnished press-ready, pages should have already been proofed and edited. There should be minimal or no corrections. Significant changes or corrections will require extra time and a new proof to ensure accurate production of your book, so we charge for corrections and a new proof.

Q: What is an overrun?

All orders are subject to a 10% overrun or underrun and are shipped and billed accordingly. This is a standard printing trade custom. Overruns are caused by the endeavor of the printer to compensate for estimated spoilage so the specific quantity ordered can be delivered. If more than 10% are lost in spoilage, your order may be short some books. If spoilage does not occur, you could receive up to 10% over the original quantity ordered. You will be charged for the number of books you receive, which may not be the exact number you ordered, but it will never exceed 10% (maximum 50 books).

Q: What is an ISBN? How do I get one?

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a worldwide ID number for your book. Booksellers use this number to order, price, and keep track of inventory. If you plan to market your book to larger bookstores, distributors, or retailers, they will require an ISBN. Since you are the publisher of your book, you must apply for the ISBN so it’s registered with your name and contact information. To obtain an ISBN, go to

Q: How do I get an EAN bar code? Do I need one?

To obtain an EAN bar code for your book, you must first apply for and obtain an ISBN. Your ISBN is then converted into an OCR (optical character readable) scannable bar code. For a small set-up fee, Morris Publishing® can create a bar code and place it on your back cover. A bar code is necessary if you plan to sell your book through major bookstores and retailers. Local or independent bookstores may or may not require a bar code. It’s best to check with them first.

Q: Can you file a copyright for me?

No, because the process is faster if the author files for his/her own copyright. The copyright office has a very easy online application at

Q: How do I submit my book to Morris Publishing®?

1. Carefully proofread your pages (including titles, headers, and footers) many times and have several others proof it. Making changes after a proof has been sent to you may incur extra charges and cause delays. Take your time – don’t rush!
2. Make sure photos are scanned at the correct resolution and use our Submitting Press-Ready Pages Guide (PDF). Use our page templates to assist you. For full-color hardcover books, use our Press-Ready Hardcover Guide (PDF).
3. If you are furnishing a press-ready cover, follow our Submitting Press-Ready Cover Guide (PDF). For full-color hardcover books, use our Press-Ready Hardcover Guide (PDF).
4. Use our checklist (PDF) to make sure you have submitted everything we need to begin processing your order. Complete the order form and send it to us with your material or place your order online.
5. Review our Publishing Guide, read the website carefully and contact us if you have any questions. We want you to be pleased with the results, and we are here to help.