Press-Ready Covers

Submitting your cover press-ready gives you complete design control. Use your own artistic talent or have work done for hire. A FREE cover proof will be sent for your approval.

We define press-ready as: a digital cover which requires no additional typesetting or alterations. The cover should be ready to print. The quality of the printed piece will depend on the quality of the press-ready material provided.

Press-Ready Cover Specifications

Press-Ready Cover Templates

Paperback Books

The cover must be designed according to the chosen binding style and book size. For cover specifications, download Submitting a Press-Ready Cover (PDF).

Full-Color Hardcover Books

If you are publishing a full-color hardcover book, download our Press-Ready Hardcover Guide (PDF).

Bar Codes

If your book requires a bar code, please see details about filing for an ISBN and printing a bar code on your back cover.

Accepted Material

Accepted Material

We accept covers created on a Macintosh® or PC platform. Send your cover on a CD or use our File Uploader. Cover may be designed with QuarkXPress®, Adobe Illustrator®, or Adobe Photoshop® and must be converted to a PDF file. Submit a matching hard copy with your order so we can verify content.